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Lithium grease


                                         BARMAG WERKNORM
                                         CINCINATTI MILACRON
                                         KRUPP POLYSIUS

                                         LAESIS BUCHER
                                         HATLAPA UETERSENER MASCHINENFABRIK


Uniform lithium grease containing EP additives. The lubricant is made using high-quality mineral base oils, high-tech additive package and complex lithium soap as a thickener. Different varieties vary in consistency. The presence of EP-additives ensures the formation of a strong adhesive lubricating film, which is not disturbed and does not move even under pulsating loads, which prevents from direct contact of the metal with the metal. Universal characteristics allow the use of a lubricant in a wide range of needs. Good physical and chemical stability ensures that the quality of the lubricant remains unchanged even under heavy mechanical loads and high temperatures. The grease also has a high resistance to oxidation. High dropping point allows the use of grease in a wide range of temperatures. Due to its good pumpability, it can be used at low temperatures. Agip GREASE MU EP provides good corrosion protection. The oil film which is firmly adhering to the metal is not disturbed even with strong vibration. The lubricant has excellent water-repellent properties, which allows it to be used at high humidity and direct contact with water.

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