1.1 TITANMOTO.COM is an online store (here in after online store).

1.2.  The operator of the online store titanmoto.com is SP Semyon E. Klibanov, with registration number 317774600554223 located at the address: 108841, Russia, Moscow, Troitsk, microdistrict "V" 52-35, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.

1.3.  These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the Seller and the Buyer when the buyer purchases goods distributed through the online store titanmoto.com and their delivery to the Buyer.

1.4.  Ordering goods in the online store is the conclusion of the contract of sale. These terms are the terms of the sales contract.

1.7.  The buyer and Seller shall be governed by these terms and conditions and the laws of the Russian Federation.


2.1.  To purchase goods distributed through the online store, the Buyer must register. During the registration process, the Buyer provides the Seller with personal data to the extent necessary for the order and its delivery. The transmission of this information is carried out in compliance with all necessary security measures. The data will be reported only to the Bank's authorization server via a secure channel (TLS Protocol). The information is transmitted in encrypted form and stored only on a dedicated server of the payment system.

2.2.  The seller undertakes to store and use the personal data provided by the Buyer in full accordance with the law of the Russian Federation.

2.3.  The seller undertakes not to distribute publicly and/or to a limited number of persons, for money and/or free of charge, personal information received from the Buyer, except for cases when the indication of a part of personal data is necessary for the transfer of the goods to the Buyer (including the indication of the delivery address on the packaging of the goods and in the bill of lading).

2.4.  The seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by the Buyer. The buyer is solely responsible for orders that cannot be executed or executed with delay, unless delivery or delay in delivery of the goods occurred due to the fact that the Buyer has provided incorrect data.


3.1. All prices in the catalog of the online store are presented in the main currency of the Euro, as well as Dollars and Rubles.

3.2.  To order goods, the Buyer adds the selected items in the required quantity to the virtual cart. Adding a product to the virtual cart is done by clicking on the "add to cart" button located on the product description page.

3.3.  After filling the virtual basket with selected products, the Buyer goes to the order. To place an order, the Buyer checks the delivery address entered during registration and, if necessary, changes it, selects the delivery method and pays for the order in any way proposed by the system. The order is considered to be carried out from the moment of receipt of the required amount to the account of the Seller.

3.4.  The product is delivered in the package specified in the product description.

3.5.  Orders are accepted within 24 hours.


4.1.  Payment for the goods is carried out at the time of placing the order using credit cards through the authorization server of the                    Bank's Processing center using Bank credit cards of the following payment systems:

        ·    VISA International

        ·    MasterCard Worldwide


4.2.  The goods are considered paid from the moment of receipt of the necessary amount to the account of the Seller.

4.3.  The ownership of the goods passes from the Seller to the Buyer from the moment of its full payment.

4.4.  An order that has not been paid within three (3) days will be cancelled.


5.1. The delivery of goods in the territory of the Russian Federation or beyond is carried out by the postal organization.

5.2. The risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods passes from the Seller to the Buyer from the moment of transfer of the goods to the courier or postal organization for its transportation.

5.3. The seller undertakes to properly package and mark the goods. Packaging and marking of the goods must ensure its safety during transportation.

5.4. In case the ordered goods are present in the Seller's warehouse in the required quantity, the shipment of the goods is carried out within 3 (three) working days from the moment of payment of the order. The goods are delivered on weekdays from 10-00 to 20-00.

5.5. When you receive the goods from a representative of a legal entity, there should be a power of attorney with a stamp from the payer company or the seal itself. Private buyers must receive a receipt with the Sberbank note of payment or a passport of the cardholder if the payment is made on a bank card.

5.6. In the event that delivery by the buyer's chosen method to the specified region or country is impossible for any reason, the Seller and the Buyer determine a different delivery method and its cost.

5.7. In the case of non-acceptance of goods from the carrier, the Buyer shall bear the costs for the return of the goods and, if necessary, pay for its re-sending to the Buyer.


6.1. The purchasers of natural persons who are not entrepreneurs without the formation of a legal entity and possessing the status of a consumer have the right to return the goods to the Seller and terminate the contract of sale in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

6.2. When returning the goods in accordance with paragraph 6.1. these Conditions, the goods should not be used and must be packed in the original packaging; The original packaging should not be significantly damaged, the Buyer must take all measures to minimize damage to the packaging of the goods during the unpacking of the goods; the goods must be fully completed; The product must bear the manufacturer's marking, including the serial number of the product.

6.3. If the contract of sale is refused in accordance with clause 6.1. these Conditions, the Buyer shall independently pay the costs of delivering the goods to the Seller. The goods must be packed and marked in such a way that it is not damaged during transportation.

6.4. The Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller of its desire to cancel the purchase and sale agreement in accordance with clause 6.1. these Conditions and no more than 14 days to return the goods to the Seller. Goods are considered returned from the moment of their receipt by the Seller.

6.5. The Seller undertakes to return to the Buyer the paid purchase price within 30 days from the receipt of the goods and the conduct of his inspection, unless the Buyer and the Seller agree otherwise.

6.6. The seller does not perform warranty repair on his own. In case of occurrence of a guarantee event, the Seller acts as an intermediary between the Buyer and the manufacturer of the goods.

6.7. The time limit for making claims for Buyers of individuals who are not entrepreneurs without the formation of a legal entity and possessing the status of a consumer is 1 month.

6.8. The Seller is not responsible for:

6.8.1. Damage to the product through customers' fault;

6.8.2. Appearance of product malfunction due to improper operation;

6.8.3. Normal wear of goods as a result of normal operation.

6.9. The basis for accepting the goods for warranty repair is an invoice or a receipt confirming the purchase of this particular product from the Seller.

6.10. The time during which the product was under warranty repair and/or maintenance does not extend the warranty period.

6.11. The warranty period starts to flow from the moment the goods are received by the Buyer.

6.12. In case of occurrence of the guarantee event, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller, state details, send copies of the document confirming the purchase of the goods and transfer the goods to the Seller.


7.1.  A breach of duty is forgivable if one of the parties has violated the obligation due to force majeure. An insurmountable force is circumstances in which the party could not exert influence, and, based on the principle of reasonableness, it could not be expected from it at the time of the conclusion of the treaty to take into account this circumstance or prevent it or overcome the obstacle or its consequences.


8.1. Related to the implementation of these conditions, the order of goods from the online store and the delivery of the ordered goods, disputes are subject to resolution by the parties through negotiations. If the agreement on the subject of the dispute is not reached by negotiation within 30 calendar days, the dispute shall be referred to the Court of the Russian Federation and considered with application of the Legislation of the Russian Federation.