• Brand: Mitas Mitas
  • Product: Mitas Terra Force-R 150/70 R17 Front
  • Product Code: 3001567770000
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  • $89.91

Dual-use radial tyre

  • Tires Mitas Terra Force R are designed to ride on different types of surfaces, but still more focused on road operation
  • The new SCT technology (Strong Carcass Technology) allows the tire carcass to maintain rigidity throughout its life.
  • Excellent adhesion on both dry and wet asphalt, as well as on dry soil and gravel.
  • The optimum contact patch with the road at high angles of inclination and at high speeds.
  • In the TERRA FORCE-R design, the tread groove depth corresponds to the shape of the actual tire tread wear.
  • Recommended tire application: Asphalt: 90% off-Road: 10%


Axle - Front

Width - 110

Height - 80

Radius - R19

The speed index - V (240 km/h)

The load index - 59 (243 kg)

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