• Brand: Eni Eni
  • Product: Eni Fork 15W (1L)
  • Product Code: 142891
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  • $5.77

Motorcycle Hydraulic Oil


Oil for motorcycle forks and shock absorbers. The oil is made from high quality base oils with a very high viscosity index using a specially selected additive package. Oil for highway and off-road conditions of use. The choice of viscosity grade according to SAE is made depending on the climatic conditions and the desired stiffness of the shock absorbers. Agip FORK 15W has excellent fluidity at low temperatures and low pour point. The oil has a stable viscosity characteristics due to the high viscosity index, which ensures reliable operation of shock absorbers in a very wide temperature range. Excellent anti-wear properties effectively protect all parts of the shock absorbers from wear. Oil possesses exceptional stability to oxidation and aging. Excellent anti-corrosion properties reliably protect against corrosion even in the presence of water. Oil has a good ability to quickly get rid of the incoming air. Excellent anti-foaming properties prevent air bubbles that adversely affect the strength of the oil film.

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