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  • Product: Eni Brake Fluid DOT 4 (0,25ml)
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Brake fluid

                                        DOT 3 / DOT 4
                                        SAE J 1703
                                        ISO 4925
                                        CUNA NC 956 DOT4
                                        DB DBL 7760
                                        GM 4653 M
                                        BMW QV 34001
                                        Ford ESEA-M6C-1002A

Yellow liquid developed for use in all brake systems of disc or drum type vehicles, as well as in clutch systems. This brake fluid can also be used in cases where the brake systems operate in very severe operating conditions. Due to the high boiling point, Agip BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 brake fluid is absolutely reliable in operation, even at high temperatures appearing in the brake system during prolonged braking. The liquid has good resistance to "pollution" with water, which reduces the boiling point. The fluid has a very low pour point and therefore retains the desired viscosity at very low temperatures. Brake fluid is neutral to all types of metals used in brake systems, including cadmium and zinc. The fluid has good lubricating and anti-wear properties. Agip BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is compatible with all rubber components and protects all gaskets and seals from damage. The liquid has good chemical stability even at high temperatures.

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